Steel is recognized for its high potential in terms of strength, durability, design flexibility, adaptability, recyclability and reusability. Today’s steel bridges allow the best adaptation to modern life and renovation of historical elements of our landscape, being in cities or country side. Steel is also the perfect material for reaching a circular economy while leaving the necessary room for creativity in design.

The European Steel Bridge Awards are given by the European Convention for Constructional Steelwork (ECCS) every two years to encourage the creative and outstanding use of steel in bridges. The awards are dedicated to the owners, the architects, the engineers and the steelwork contractors.

ECCS is the European Association of Steel Contractors, the unique platform gathering steel producers, contractors, researchers and academics. Its full members are 18 national steel contractor associations.

The International Jury 2018 was: Pavel RYJACEK, Czech Constructional Steelwork Association; Dennis RADEMACHER, Chairman of the ECCS Bridge Committee; Georg PENDL, President of the Architects’ Council of Europe; Aris CHATZIDAKIS, President Elect of the European Council of Civil Engineers; Roman KOUCKY, Architect and Head of Metropolitan Plan Office, Prague Institute of Planning and Development; Lasse KILVAER, Chairman of ECCS Awards and Architecture Committee; Véronique DEHAN, ECCS Secretary General.